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Thank you for your donation. With this gift we are able to continue our work in helping less fortunate families in the Dallas Community. This year is very critical due to the economic downtown. Thank you for your commitment in supporting our organization. We are striving to help many families in need, though our community program centers, the South Dallas Community Food Center, our South Dallas Community Resource Center, our Community Furniture Bank, the Dallas Financial Literacy and Tutoring Center, our Beds for Kids Center and the Annual Christmas at Fair Park event. The foundation is moving forward because of your kindness. Our mission is to provide programs and services that move less fortunate families forward from a position of dependency to a position of self-sufficiency. We appreciate your generosity in touching lives in our community.

The S.M. Wright Foundation
9213 Sovereign Row
Dallas, Texas 75247

Phone: (214) 741-4990
Fax: (214) 741-4992
Email: info@smwrightfoundation.org
Website: www.smwrightfoundation.org