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WPEL-FM 96.5 and AM 800 are non-commercial listener-supported radio stations owned and operated by the Montrose Broadcasting Corporation, a non-profit organization. The stations depend on the monthly support of listeners like you. Your gift designated for Current Expenses and the Equipment Needs of the stations will be used exclusively for the expenses of broadcasting the programs you hear on WPEL-FM or AM 800. (Gifts designated for the Missions Project will be forwarded to Trans World Radio for use by Christian FM radio stations in Bolivia.)

"God being my helper and in dependence upon Him, I make the following gift:"
The official registration and financial information of the Montrose Broadcasting Corporation may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State-Bureau of Charitable Organizations by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Tips for Giving on Line

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Unless you designate a portion of your gift for equipment, missions or AM 800, all of your gift will be used for the current expenses of WPEL.